Look, here's the truth:

Too many business owners — really smart, savvy people — are getting crushed by their businesses.


Somewhere around $250k in annual revenue ... sometimes higher, sometimes lower ... most online business owners run into a problem.

There's simply too much to do, and not enough of them to do it.

Systems, automations, funnels, hiring ...

It's all supposed to make it better, but it doesn't. 

If anything, it adds to it. More people relying on you. More people waiting on you. More people expecting things of you.

The stakes are higher, the decisions are bigger, the responsibilities are greater, and there's no one but you to make it all happen.


It's not that things are terrible. It's just that we know that getting to the next level will require us to spend more time in our Genius, not less.

The thing is, nobody really teaches how to do this.

Everyone tells us to hire a couple more contractors, write SOPs for them to follow, set everything up on Asana, and voila! instant success.

But the truth is, the more time we spend creating processes, the less time we have to spend creating anything else. The more order-takers we hire, the more time we need to spend giving them orders.

And no matter what we delegate, there's always a list of things that only we can do:

  • Showing up in the videos for the new marketing campaign
  • Taking calls with clients, coaching them and answering their questions
  • Finding, hiring, and training contractors for every new project
  • Coming up with new trainings, new curriculum, or new ways to improve the client experience
  • Defining new systems and processes for team members to follow

Even just figuring out what went wrong, why something didn't work, or what to do differently the next time ... it all comes back to you.

What we want is to be able to focus on what we're best at, rather than spending all our time keeping things on the rails.

We want a business that can run without us, with a team that cares as much as we do. The kind of team that treats our business like their own, full of people as smart as us. As dedicated as us. As strategic as us. As driven as us.

The kind of team that can not only figure out what needs to be done ... but who will step up, coordinate amongst themselves, and make it happen ...

... without needing us to manage or guide them every step along the way.

But to get that, we need a different approach ...


Hi, we're Breanne and Jill.

We're the Co-Founders of the Visionary CEO Academy.

It all started in 2011 when I (Breanne) was working as a curriculum developer at the local college. And I hated being an order-taker.

The only catch was, I also had zero desire to be a manager.

Assigning work, giving performance reviews, telling people what to do and then chasing them around to make sure it's done properly? No thanks.

So, I got myself promoted and promptly started studying and testing everything I could get my hands on to figure out a better way to manage.

Meanwhile, Jill was leading a team of twelve and despite it being a traditional, corporate-style management gig...

... it didn't seem like she was managing at all.

She wasn't chasing her team around, she didn't have to tell people what to do, and when it came to giving feedback it was more of a collaborative process than an antagonistic one.

What's more, her team took ownership of everything. She would set out a big-picture vision, and they'd set the goals and outcomes. They'd make the decisions about how to do it. And then they'd take full responsibility for making it happen.

As we compared notes—me with my theoretical knowledge and Jill with her hands-on experience—a framework started to emerge.

A simple method that would turn traditional team-building practices on their head, and make the idea of having a self-managing "dream team" from a dream ... into a reality.

When we started our business a few years later, we wanted to know if that framework could work for entrepreneurs who wanted to build the team that would take their business across the 7-figure line, to multi-7-figures and beyond.

There was only one problem:

We didn't have our own team to experiment on. So, we found a few clients who were willing to let us experiment with theirs ...

It worked better than we could have ever imagined.

"OMG. My team manager just took something off my plate on her own for the very first time!

"I didn't think I wanted to be a boss, because I didn't want to manage. THIS IS AMAZING."

- Lacy Boggs
Owner, Content Direction Agency


"One of the exercises was 'who's responsible for what in your business?' I was like, 'Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.'

"I just looked at it again and I thought, 'Wow, so many of these have already shifted in that my name is not on all of those things anymore.'

- Denise Duffield-Thomas
Founder, DeniseDT.com

“I’m no longer looking at a straight line trajectory of just knocking out 60-70 hour weeks until I fall over.  I’m putting in just the right amount to continue to steer the ship, while the team is growing and fanning out beneath me.

"In 10 years, we could realistically be doing 8-figures without even breaking a sweat. The only place where I kick myself is that I wish I had started sooner.”

- Joe Taylor Jr.
Co-Founder, Podcast Taxi


Now, we've taken everything we learned and have put it into a streamlined, done-with-you implementation framework that you can apply to your business.

Introducing: The Visionary CEO Academy

A done-with-you mentorship and implementation accelerator that frees you up from the day-to-day, while scaling your business to 7-figures and beyond.

At the Visionary CEO Academy, we give you everything you need to get your team performing at a level that will take your business to 7-figures and beyond, including:

  • Adjusting your model to make it scalable, so you can serve as many clients as you want, in a way that doesn't require you to lose the high touch and personal results.

  • Assembling the team that actually has the ability to step in and remove you as the bottleneck in your business. (This isn't about showing you how to create checklists and hire people who will follow them. We know you've already tried that. This is about showing you how to hire people who will actually manage for you -- making decisions about goals, what needs to happen, and when.)

  • Helping you to work on yourself so that you become the type of person who can lead a multi-million dollar empire without becoming a micromanager or a control freak.

This isn't just a "course" or "program" ... it's aa high-touch, deeply personalized experience where we will work with you individually, not just on the theory of “what” to do, but on giving you principles and showing you how to implement them in YOUR business.

At the same time, we know that you have a lot on your plate. So we've created an experience that allows you to get in and out quickly, without spending weeks or months churning through the same challenges you're facing right now.

Plus: The Leaders' Institute

The Leaders' Institute provides planning, leadership, training and other Done-For-You "Integrator"-type services to eligible VCA graduates.

Bonuses include mentorship and training for all of the leaders and managers in your business, as well as a mastermind and mentorship for you as the CEO.

Admission Requirements

Our work is specifically designed to meet the needs of high-performing online business owners who:

  • Run an service-based business (like copywriting, FB ads, consulting, etc.), and think the traditional agency model of scaling sucks
  • Deliver masterminds and group programs, but aren't willing to scale by just making the groups bigger and bigger
  • Sell memberships or courses, but don't want to go so low-touch that you sacrifice the customer experience

In addition, we've tailored the material to those who are currently generating at least $200k - $400k in revenue, who already have an existing team, and who want to scale to $1M and beyond.

Finally, this program is for those who believe in diversity, who are committed to equity, and want their business to be part of the solution.

Everything we do is based on making your business be part of the change you want to see in the world. This isn't just about building a business that makes money. This is about building a company that stands for something —even if you don't know exactly what that looks like right now.

If that's you, we encourage you to apply now:


“This for us was not just an exercise in how can we make more money. It’s never been only about that for us. That is a part of it, but it was more than that for us.

“It was how can we have happier staff, how can we be more efficient, how can we be greater leaders in this industry at what we do and how we’re perceived. All of those things have really started to come to fruition.”

- Julie Parker
Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

“I went in thinking: ‘There’s only me, and [my clients] joined this program because of me. I can’t make another one of me and they’re not gonna join if I’m not running it.’

“I came away from it with a plan of how I could scale that. Which was a big relief for me because I realized that this is something that I could scale and it will work."

- Gemma Went
CEO, GemmaWent.co.uk


“Someone just asked me if my biz could run without me. I proudly answered yes! I spent 6 months last year learning how to NOT be my biz, putting people and systems and coaches in place, so I can be the CEO and the visionary. That felt like a hugely successful win today!"

- M Shannon Hernandez
Creator, The Confident Expert & The Content Personality™️ Types

“I readily admit that I was doing things that were not a good fit for me. I was doing them because I didn’t have anyone else to do them, and hiring them out was too overwhelming.

"But now, I have so much peace of mind knowing that I have people to do these things. My business has become something I love, instead of something that is constantly hanging over my head or sitting on my shoulders.

- Vanessa Levin
Founder, Pre-K Pages


“I was so stuck in the day to day. Even just the thought of bringing on a new client was enough to make me say, 'Oh, God, I don't know if I can do this.'

"Now I’ve got a full-time account manager and we're almost ready to hire another person part-time. I keep thinking, 'I should be working more, because we’re bringing in so much more money.' But that’s the goal, right?"

- Amy Crane
Owner, Social Lab Marketing

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